The Central America Leadership Initiative announces the 2017 CALI Class


Claudia A. Salmerón
Executive Director
Central America Leadership Initiative
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Managua, Nicaragua, Central America July 6, 2017—The Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI) announced its 13th Class of CALI Fellows today. The CALI Fellowship, operated in partnership with the Aspen Institute, is designed to engage the next generation of leaders in the challenge of community-spirited leadership. It brings together executives who are mainly from the business world and all of whom are entrepreneurs, under 45—who have already achieved conspicuous success in their chosen fields and are at a point of inflection in their lives and careers.

This year’s mosaic is made up of Fellows representing the three main sectors: in the area of public service we have a Minister of Health; in civil society, Fellows who are fostering development programs in education; and the private sector encompasses a diversity of subsectors, ranging from energy to the fashion industry.

A group of extraordinary leaders, from each of Central America’s six countries (Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala), will gather at four seminars over the course of two years to explore their own leadership, core values, desired legacies, and vision for the region. Each of these Fellows is committed to take action by launching a leadership venture that will have a positive impact on society. Their first seminar will take place in October at INCAE’s Costa Rica campus.

“If we want to see our region thrive, we need to tap into the intellectual capital of Central America’s leaders by fostering a values-oriented leadership development model,” stated Claudia Salmerón, Executive Director of the Central American Leadership Initiative and also a CALI Fellow from the 8th class.

CALI Fellows are high-integrity, entrepreneurial individuals with tremendous potential to positively influence social and economic development in their countries. CALI provides them with a shared philosophical and strategic framework to maximize their impact.

“They are all embarking on a personal journey — ‘from success to significance’— that will change their lives forever,” stated Peter A. Reiling, Chairman of the CALI Foundation and Executive Vice President for Leadership and Seminar Programs at the Aspen Institute. “Through their leadership ventures, CALI Fellows have helped address malnutrition in impoverished communities, reintegrated gangs into society, provided youth with pathways to success, and much more throughout Central America.”

The Central America Leadership Initiative was founded 13 years ago by some of the region’s most successful leaders, in conjunction with The Aspen Institute. It is part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN), which is currently comprised of more than 2,500 Fellows from over 50 countries, all of whom are committed to applying their entrepreneurial talents to address the foremost challenges of their organizations, communities, and countries.

In the words of one Fellow, “Being a CALI Fellow is a privilege that comes with a great responsibility to add value to the lives of others.”

The members of the 2017 Class 13 of the Central America Leadership Initiative are: